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Spector Air Purifier Home Purifier HEPA Filter Odour Virus Smoke Remover Cleaner

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What are you doing right now? You are breathing. Your lungs are great filters. Give them a break with your new portable air purifier. Remove pollutants from the air so your lungs don’t need to.

Suffering from asthma? Got problems with mould in your house? Turn your lair of danger into a den of joy. Your HEPA air filter and photocatalyst do a great job of keeping you safe.

Choose all your settings. Set a timer. Turn on the UV purifying light. Switch on the sleep setting (turns the lights off). It will tell you when the filter needs replacing.

Your HEPA filter blocks large particles removes pollen mould and more. Destroy unpleasant odours and smells with the photocatalyst filter. Buy extra filters so you will never be without.

Filter a small room of 20m3. Put one in each room of your house or move it around as you move around. Deeply purify the air in your room. Your lungs will thank you.

Key Features: 

  • Deeply purify the air in your room
  • Multi-layered filtration
  • Four fan speeds
  • Intelligent touch panel
  • Air quality indicator
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Silent and effective
  • Timer and sleep mode
  • PM 2.5 display
  • Safety child lock

Power: 32W

Voltage: 220V-240V 50Hz

Rated CADR: 200m³/h

Applicable area: 20m³

Colour: White

Dimensions: 21.8cm x 35cm (Dia x H)

  • 1 x Air Purifier
  • 1 x Instruction Manual