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Manan Tow Bar Tongue Hitch 2'' Towbar Ball Mount 4WD Car Trailer Caravan Boat

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Load up your car. Connect your trailer to your towbar. Tell the kids to go to the bathroom one last time. Off you go on your family camping trip. Build memories and appreciation for nature.

You will fully appreciate getting a trailer hitch point installed on your car. A trailer will make your moving day a breeze. Tie each load down and be done in a few trips.

Tear down your kitchen. So much rubbish. What will you do? Lucky you have your adjustable trailer hitch. Connect up your trailer. Take a load to the tip. Continue your renovations. Too easy.

If you already have a trailer point on your car then it is easy. Just insert and plug in the hitch pin. If you can’t tow a trailer yet then get the mechanic to install the tow point.

You have a caravan. You have a car. How will you move your caravan with your car? Your tow ball hitch of course. Surprising you didn’t think of it yourself. Now you can have the holiday of a lifetime.

Key Features

  • 2700kg/6000lbs Towing capacity
  • Standard 2'' /50mm tow ball
  • Suits all weather conditions
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reversible install
  • Firm locking mechanism
  • Easy to install

Material: Powder-coated steel

Towing capacity: 2700kg/6000lb

Hitch length: 300mm

Length of the square tube: 163mm

Pin hole to tow ball hole: 200mm

Hitch length: 300 mm

Hitch square inside diameter: 40mm

Hitch square outside diameter: 50mm

Distance from pin hole to end of hitch: 58mm

Colour: Black

  • 1 x Tow Bar
  • 1 x Tow Ball
  • 1 x Hitch Pin
  • 1 x R clip