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Drill Bits Set HSS Metric 1mm-10mm Titanium Coated Metal Wood Plastic 230PCS

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Punch a hole through all that should be holey. Drill through wood plastic and metal. Wear one out. Just grab another. You got 230 drill bits to choose from.

Drill bits wearing out is frustrating. You have to go back grab a new bit and then get back to drilling. Drill longer and faster with titanium coated drill bits.

You are building your new bookcase. You have all the wood and screws. Buy this drill bit set to make sure you always have one handy. If you are running low you can just buy some more.

Half the trouble is finding the right size drill bit. Your storage box keeps them all neat and organised for you to find. Select the right bit for the job.

Titanium drill bits have improved wear and run cooler meaning a long-lasting drill bit when compared to regular steel drill bits.



Key Features:

  • 230pcs Titanium coated HSS drill bits
  • High hardness and durability
  • Wear and high temperature resistance
  • 2 Flutes form clear chips
  • Cooland smooth drilling process
  • Sharp cutting edge
  • Portable and organized box
  • Applicable for metals wood and hard plastics
  • Ideal for home DIY general building and engineering use
  • Model: 32x 1mm 30x 5mm 30 x 2mm 30 x 2.5mm 20 x 3mm 20 x 3.5mm 12 x 4mm 12 x 4.5mm 12 x 5mm 8 x 5.5mm 4 x 6mm 6 x 6.5mm  4 x 7mm  2 x 7.5mm  3 x 8mm  2 x 8.5mm 1 x 9mm 1 x 9.5mm 1 x 10mm
  • Drill bits: 1mm-10mm
  • Type: Twist drill bit
  • Material: High speed steel
  • Finish: Titanium coated
  • Dimension: 25cm x 22cm x 5cm
  • Colour: Gold
  • 1x 230PCS Drill Bits Set