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12pcs Engine Oil Pressure Test Tool Kit Tester Gauge Diagnostic Automotive Blue

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Sometimes it is worth doing the work yourself. Jack up your car connect the read-out and get a mate to rev the engine. Work out whether it is an oil issue or something else.

You don’t want to be second guessing yourself with your expensive car. Use your new oil pressure gauge to see what is going on. Measure in PSI or bars.

Steel. Brass. Rubber. As long as you don’t run over it it should last you for many years of maintaining cars. This is one oil pressure tester kit you will want to get your hands on.

Pull everything out of the handy red plastic carrying case. When you are done pack it up. Be ready to use wherever you might need an engine oil pressure tester again.

Show off to your mates with all your new tools. Even better actually use them and become the go-to friend for fixing cars. Trade your skills for other goods. Win-win situation.

Key Features:

  • Convenient diagnostic tools
  • Fast oil pressure gauge detection
  • Suitable to most of cars
  • Highly accurate gauge
  • Anti-rust and shockproof
  • Easy to read
  • 1.2m Rubber resin hose
  • 10 Types steel adaptors
  • Portable PP storage case

Adaptor material: Steel

Coupler material: Brass

Hose material: Rubber

Engine type: Gasoline

Hose length: 1.2m

Dimension: 33 cm x 26cm x 6cm

Colour: Blue


1x Oil Pressure Tester

1x R 1/8 DIN 2999 Adaptor

1x 1/8" x 27 NPT Adaptor

1x 1/4" x 18 NPT Adaptor

1x 3/8" x 20 UNF Adaptor

1x 1/2" x 20 UNF Adaptor

1x M10 x 1.0 Adaptor

1x M12 x 1.5 Adaptor

1x M14 x 1.5 Adaptor

1x M16 x 1.5 Adaptor

1x M18 x 1.5 Adaptor

1x 90°Coupler

1x Storage Case